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Over the years I have trained with experts in various methods and techniques and can offer a range of massages. My starting point is always speaking to you in order to determine the root cause of any problem. I can then address any issues effectively and provide best results for you: results you can both feel and see.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphastim - BTL Pressotherapy System              

                                                       60 min     £60

                                                       £45 in conjunction with any other treatment/procedure


Special sleeves are placed on your arms and/or legs and overlapping pressure chambers within these sleeves perform an effective, gentle, simulating massage. Continuous pressure waves aid your body's own natural lymphatic system in optimising its performance: this procedure is ideal for lymphatic drainage as well as detoxifying the body as it enhances blood circulation. The results of this procedure you will feel almost instantly and will leave the salon with that WOW! feeling: it firms your skin, prevents cellulite, improves the elasticity of your skin, contours your body and reduces puffiness (oedemas).      

Body massage

Full body massage
(Swedish/deep tissue)              60 min              £60

Back, neck and shoulder          30 min               £35
Bespoke anti-cellulite              60 min               £65

body and face massage
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